We understand that getting your beams on site as soon as possible is essential. That’s why we specialise in the quick turnaround of general builders’ beam and fabrication, whether for the DIY builder or trade. All our steelwork is carried out to the highest standard and can be supplied self- coloured, primed or galvanised (upon request).

We have a wide range of typical builders’ beams always in stock, and for non-standard beams we can acquire at short notice, supplying builders’ beams is something we specialise in. Being a complete steel solution company means we can help when your construction drawings are approved. We can manufacture any steel structure you may need for your project.

Whether you need I-beams, H-beams, RSJ beams, or any other steel, we can fabricate them and deliver them to your site quickly. When it comes to construction projects, we are aware that time is of the essence. That’s why we offer a quick turnaround on all our steelwork. In exceptional circumstances, we can even provide same-day service.

If you’re looking for a company that can supply your material, we are confident we will delivery.

Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Typical codes to identify:

  • UB – Universal Beam
  • UC – Universal Column
  • PFC Parallel Channe
  • RSA Rolled Steel Angle
  • RSJRolled Steel Joist
  • SHS Square Hollow section
  • RHS Rectangular Hollow Section
  • CHS Circular Hollow Section

Example of popular builders universal beams:

  • 127x76x13 kgm
  • 152x89x16 kgm
  • 203x102x23 kgm
  • 203x133x25 kgm & 30kgm
  • 254x102x22 kgm, 25 kgm & 28 kgm
  • 254x146x31 kgm, 37 kgm & 43 kgm
  • 305x102x25 kgm, 28 kgm & 33 kgm
  • 305x165x40 kgm, 46 kgm & 54 kgm

Universal columns:

  • 152x152x23 kgm, 30 & 37
  • 203x203x46 kgm, 52 kgm, 60 kgm, 71kgm & 86 kgm
  • 254x254x73 kgm, 89 kgm, 107 kgm, 132kgm, & 167 kgm

Our fabrication includes:
Mitre cuts – Base Plates – Connections – Spliced Beams – Goal Posts – Flitch Beams – Roof Structure – Butt joints –
Flange plates with stiffener plates – A Frames – Bespoke structures